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Il Laboratorio di Scienze dell’ Antichità

Sezione Informatica per le Lingue Antiche

coordinated by Antonella Russo and Anna Santoni

Self-assessment tests for the Admission Exams to the Scuola Normale Superiore

Magister cum discipulis.

These exercises are intended specially for students who are going to undertake the admission test to the Scuola Normale Superiore (as concerns the Greek and Latin parts of the test), and want to check their knowledge on the Greek and Roman world. Since the background required to undertake the test at SNS is that of a good high school level, many students found it convenient to do these exercises in order to train themself in view of the state exam that concludes highschool (maturità). Access is completely free and anonymous. Exercises are structured according to different topics: translations, language, literature, history, civilization, and luck. Questions are grouped in blocks. At the end of each block, the user will get a final score which is referred to the average result, and a feedback for each question. In the feedback the student will find the right answer, and some relevant informations on the topic involved.
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Web site (in Italian): Greek language, Literature and Civilization
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