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Il Laboratorio di Scienze dell’ Antichità

Sezione Informatica per le Lingue Antiche

coordinated by Anna Santoni

The portal of Ancient Writing systems in the Mediterranean

From the origins to the 6th century A.D.
Statue of a scribe. Antico Regno.

Mnamon, the portal of Ancient Writing Systems in the Mediterranean (from the origins to the 6th century A.D.), aims at giving information on the best and most useful tools available on the web for studying and researching in the field of writing systems: archives, research centers, bibliographical tools, teaching material.
Every information is selected and critically presented by specialists.
The entries for each writing system are the result of the work of a single or a small group of specialists, after regular discussions with all other members of the project during seminars.
The target of the Portal are students and scholars alike.