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Il Laboratorio di Scienze dell’ Antichità

Sezione Informatica per le Lingue Antiche

coordinated by Donatella Erdas and Anna Magnetto

Lessico greco delle navi e della navigazione

Greek ship

The background of this project is a research field which is highly innovative and in which lexicographical research and the study of the history of the ancient Mediterranean meet in a happy synthesis. These are in fact the main themes in the Lexicon of ships and navigation in the ancient world, which is a tool that gathers and analyzes all the entries relevant to the navigation in the Greek and Roman world.
The project is directed by Carmine Ampolo and coordinated by Anna Magnetto and Donatella Erdas. Research into the vocabulary and its parallel collation with the pertinent literary, epigraphic and papyrological material produced a corpus of entries, that were merged according to the affinity of their semantic fields.
The entries are supplied, when possible, with iconographic and typological plates. Many different thematic areas were involved in the survey of entries, from the most immediate ones such as boats, their parts and their equipment, to the lexicon of the sea and sailors, naval manoeuvres, the routes, shipwrecks and all the semantic area related to harbors, worship and rites bound to sea, piracy and the terminology of war at sea.
The draft of the entries has been entrusted to young scholars and Italian and foreign specialists in the field of navigation in the ancient world.