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Sezione Informatica per le Lingue Antiche

April 14th 2014

Scrivere in Mesopotamia e Elam: risorse on-line per lo studio delle iscrizioni sumeriche, proto-elamiche, ed elamiche

Salvatore Gaspa

The seminar lecture will give an introduction to the languages and writing systems of Sumer and Elam, two regions of the Ancient Near East characterized by an intense sperimental activity of writing. The lecture will offer a description of the main peculiarities of the Sumerian cuneiform script and of the writing systems of Elam. In Elam, a rich documentation about cuneiform script as well as two still undeciphered different writing systems is attested. The lecture will also present the main international projects and the relevant online resources concerning the writing systems and the texts from these Ancient Near Eastern regions.

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